Peer Rating Approach: Distribute $10,000 (Napier & Johnson)
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Peer Rating Approach: Distribute $10,000 (Napier & Johnson)


The Qualitative Evaluation approach in Napier & Johnson (2007, p. 42) describes the following a Peer Rating Approach to Distribute $10,000.

Qualitative Evaluation. In addition to the quantitative methods, students were asked to evaluate their team members (Team Evaluation). They were given a hypothetic bonus of $10,000 dollars to divide amongst the other two team members. If they divided the amount unequally, students had to provide a rationale for doing so. In this way, we were able to detect teams that had conflict as well as the source of this conflict.”

Learn more in Napier, N. P., & Johnson, R. D. (2007). Technical Projects: Understanding Teamwork Satisfaction In an Introductory IS Course. Journal of Information Systems Education, 18(1).