Sample Elements of Team Contract (Kruck & Teer)
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Sample Elements of Team Contract (Kruck & Teer)

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  1. Establishing guidelines
    1. when and where team will meet
    2. how work will be assigned
    3. how the behavior of non-performing members will be addressed
    4. what roles are needed in the group
  2. What are some other matters that may be important to the group?
  3. Signature indicating that they agree to the developed guidelines.
  4. Roles and assignments for the first meeting were determined.
  5. First meeting time, date, and place was set.


Kruck & Teer (2019) specify 5 elements of a team contract.

See Kruck, S. E., & Teer, F. P. (2019). Interdisciplinary student teams projects: A case study. Journal of Information Systems Education, 20(3), 7.