Student Ratings of Team Experience (Oakley et al.)
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Student Ratings of Team Experience (Oakley et al.)

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  1. Did your instructor have you work in teams of two or more in this class?
    1. No, we did not work in teams
    2. Teams of two
    3. Teams of three or more
  2. Overall, how satisfied were you with your experience with teams in this class?
    1. Very satisfied
    2. Somewhat satisfied
    3. Neutral
    4. Somewhat dissatisfied
    5. Very dissatisfied
    6. Not applicable; did not work in teams in this class
  3. What type of guidance did you receive from your instructor in this class to help you with your team activities?
    1. A lot — the instructor guided the class as to how to structure the teams, and evaluated functioning of the teams as the semester progressed
    2. Some — the instructor gave us some initial guidance and then turned us loose
    3. None — we were told to get together and work in teams, and that was all
    4. Not applicable
  4. Did your instructor/TA (not students) select the team members for at least one of your teams?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  5. If a student on your team did little or no work on an assignment, were you provided the option of not including that student’s name on the finished report?
    1. Yes
    2. No
  6. Did you have the option of firing a person from your team? (Just the option — you didn’t have to have fired anyone.)
    1. Yes
    2. No
  7. Did you have one or more people on your team who you thought did not pull their weight?
    1. No
    2. Yes, one person
    3. Yes, two people
    4. Yes, three people


Table 2 of Oakley et al. (2007) lists 7 useful teamwork survey questions.

Source: Oakley, B. A., Hanna, D. M., Kuzmyn, Z., & Felder, R. M. (2007). Best practices involving teamwork in the classroom: Results from a survey of 6435 engineering student respondents. IEEE Transactions on Education, 50(3), 266-272.